Omitted Narrow Effect

If your house have narrow room, usually apply in apartment, the room like this have oppress impression. Even don’t have yard, the room in apartment feel more press you. To avoid this feeling, interior room is very important to make wide impression and comfortable room.

The most way to overcome this condition, interior designer installs a wide mirror on that room side of bed room. The illusion is seen on mirror can give wide border view. The view that is stopped by wall look like more wide through the mirror.
This way is applied on small apartment, the wall between children bed room wall also give a mirror. An extreme way is applied in full wall form and abut cubical. Installing giant fairish mirror is quite effective. But will there is a question due to of room size limitation of window, and will become a problem on how the mirror enter to the room, and have risk of mirror break before can install. Practically you can install mirror in panel form with size of 130 cm x 80 cm that is un…

House Design for Flooded City

This house design have tow bedroom, two bath room with outdoor living space in the form desk. An open floor plan on the main level join the kitchen, dining room, and gathering room. Car port can unload the car and stay dry, this suitable for the city often flooded in the rainy season.City which often flooded when the rainy season comes should make design in modern style, especially for their garage.

See the drawing below:

See other house:
10 small house model

10 Small House Model

This house model is take from many website that only use as an example for you as reference before you build a small house. A small house in Western or USA or in other big city already include in medium class because the model already need big expense money to build.

Below is the example Small House Model:

Western House History

A western house is a structure generally used as a residence. Houses have assumed a great variety of forms and styles over the ages, reflecting their changing functions as well as differences in culture, climate, available building materials, and technology. Nowadays western house are built increasingly vary.

Domestic Architecture
Early Forms and Materials. The earliest houses were circular in form, perhaps a legacy of cave shelters. The first known example of a permanent settlement is the village of Zawl Chenui (c. 9000 BC) on the Turkish – Iranian border. It consisted of houses made from mud and reeds, with conical roofs and circular stone bases. The first known use of a rectangular house plan occurred around 7000 BC near Jericho in theJordan Valley. A major innovation in the history of house form was the development of the interior courtyard by the Sumarians in the 4th millennium BC, indicating that the house was now thought of as a place of privacy as well as of shelter.

With the e…

House Model in Austria

In Austria house design is controlled by government, people can't build a house with their own design with freely but should follow the design limitation that release by government. People really follow the regulation before they can build a house. Permit must be got from government who want to build a house. Government will look and controlled the house design and the location where the house will build. People can't build a house with their own design, with their choose material but all have follow the regulation that release by government. They can't build a cheap house model because for sell in the future or just property infestation. If someone will have a business in there like have a rent house to stay or hotel, they must have permit first from government otherwise they can't build house there.

If you see by google map or by wikimap you will see the arrangement of house in Austria is very good even if compared with Germany, their neighbor country. Generally hous…

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