Omitted Narrow Effect

If your house have narrow room, usually apply in apartment, the room like this have oppress impression. Even don’t have yard, the room in apartment feel more press you. To avoid this feeling, interior room is very important to make wide impression and comfortable room.

The most way to overcome this condition, interior designer installs a wide mirror on that room side of bed room. The illusion is seen on mirror can give wide border view. The view that is stopped by wall look like more wide through the mirror.

This way is applied on small apartment, the wall between children bed room wall also give a mirror. An extreme way is applied in full wall form and abut cubical. Installing giant fairish mirror is quite effective. But will there is a question due to of room size limitation of window, and will become a problem on how the mirror enter to the room, and have risk of mirror break before can install. Practically you can install mirror in panel form with size of 130 cm x 80 cm that is united using aluminum prop.

If the wall if full of mirror,
electrical instrument such as electric plug and electric contactor better have determine the position before mirror install. Mirror must be holed for electric instrument, and then just stick to the wall.
Beside can wider effect view, using mirror on the entire wall, can reduce painting cost. Wall don’t need to paint, even don’t need to coated or smooth down, and if dirty can easily be cleaned. Other important after install mirror to cover the wall, children don’t playing to throw on that room that can cause mirror break.


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