Friday, May 22, 2009

Rest Room Design (Desain Ruang Istirahat)

As a home owner, we must arrange harmony between space and cranny in the house that we have. This requires tenacity and carefulness in work place and in respect of an object with a precise and elegant.

Elements of art and the feeling is very involved in our home interior regulation, this is certainly not easy to do for people who are not familiar with the regulation and integration of color and space composition. To make it easy, we can match up with the example we can imitate from magazines, newspaper, and book and of course the Internet. But for more accurate and can be guarantee, we can use an interior design consultant.

It is important to note is how to put interior pattern flowers earlier. Do not be too many types of flowers that are mixed motives, which will make the room look crowded and are not in harmony again.

The room will look elegant when used flowers as theme accents in one corner of the room only and no dominate. Flower motif is prominent and interesting when combined with the material or other more neutral interior elements. For example, on a plain wall or the form of minimalist furniture and more modern.

Room Balancing

Flower motif actually suitable anywhere in the room, both the broad and small. If the flower motif is selected large enough, should be placed on the corner of a room or a wide. Instead, the pattern flower motif small will more liberal in the placement.

Effect of color flowers theme also needs to be more consistent interior view. We recommend the home owner clever mix and adjust the color and motif. And the need to consider important elements of composition and dynamics with the other interior elements. No matter if motif combined with the interest element lines, as long as always keep the balance of room content.

Interior with the theme of flowers can generate natural impression in the house. In addition to identical with the symbol of love, beautiful, and fragrant, flowers also approach the house with natural elements. Not if one of the room with the flower motif interior will make the mood of the owner is always nice and comfortable for a long-time in the room.