Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Earthquake Resistant Houses

Earthquake disaster in Tasik Malaya - West Java, Indonesia, make a lot of damage and destruction of house living The report of the National Disaster Management Agency, there are about 67,760 houses damaged and 150,839 homes minor damage.
To build earthquake-resistant house are not complicated as said by a master builder from Indonesian University, only requires the establishment of appropriate detail in certain parts. Also not expensive, only need to choose a lightweight material such as foam board for inner layer and the wall surface coated with a thin concrete.

Most of the victims were killed by the earthquake-stricken by building part fallen. To reduce these risks in the future, people living in earthquake-prone areas should consider the methods of earthquake-resistant housing construction. The key of making are detailed placement of ring circle (ring on the block) to be true. From the survey in building stores that sell building steel framework for the concrete block, the average diameter of a circle of placement position always wrong.

The position of the right cross bar aims to eventually to withstand earthquakes. Looking right of cross bar density positions at opposite ends of each block of concrete. Ring at both ends of the block must be tight.

distance density from each other cross bar could be about 5 centimeters. However, the correct standard, the stone for the concrete mix can be used to escape. If the size of the stone gravel about 2 cm, density inevitably dash no more than 2 centimeters.

For the height of the circuit, the position of the conference cross bar twice of width block specified to be formed. If the beam width is 20 cm, diameter of a circle of close circuit at both ends of the block should be 40 cm in length.

The position of the cross bar docked at both ends of the retaining block earthquake motion. Form detailed cross bar at the end of this concrete block is the most important, but still much neglected.

Iron tip diameter of a circle was deflected into the middle of the diagonal gives more function to resist earthquake forces. Related to the strengthening of other bone structures that are often overlooked community, there is no anchoring in connection with the vertical concrete block horizontally.

Anchoring or bending the metal tip of the horizontal beam attached to the bottom of the vertical steel beams that have a long formula of 20 times the diameter of the iron used. If iron is used 10 millimeter diameter, the distance is enough to 200 millimeters.

Flexible concrete block

Another method to make earthquake-resistant homes are concrete block with a flexible formation. Flexible concrete blocks are not merged with drywall, but only connected with a steel plate. When an earthquake happens, flexible concrete block structure free to move. However, retained the lining does not move to avoid cracking.

In principle, building or house of earthquake resistant must use a lightweight material, but strong. Logically, when forced to collapse by the earthquake, the building structure of light material that will not get off.

Selecting the materials such as wood and bamboo filled light and strong elements, such as making or bamboo spin walls with a bamboo stick jersey was clearly going to form a soft lining and a friendly against earthquake.

To travel back to the traditional house method, the most important step on make materials stronger and more durable, such as bamboo coated with a polymer.