Monday, November 2, 2009

Building a House in the Land of the Slopes

If you want to build a house in that square land there is no problem, but sometimes your problems arise because of your land side, or corners not square. Meanwhile, if forced to make a square land instead will look ugly for the rest of the land virtually useless and pity for discarded.
If you have are forced to build in the land with no right-angled corner sections, it is required to create a model first, because if you do not build a model or a picture that would be very serious consequences and will cost more again.

You can make a model with paper and cut to form a regular house complete with the roof. Then you tilt the wall where the land is sloping and see what angle from the wall, automatic roof tiles to be part did not fit. To make the average seriousness of course you have to cut the wall so the roof can be straight. You will know that the timber wall or roof support must be designed to fit the slope of the ground and the roof will be straight.

Preview of land and buildings will make an example drawing on the later followed.

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